Mood Boosters

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I happen to feel that a large part of winning the battle against cancer is having a positive attitude. I understand that this can be extremely difficult when you feel yourself fighting for your life. Finding ways to boost your mood and raise your energy level can help you keep a positive frame of mind. Research shows that certain foods are natural mood boosters: Whole grain bread contains a wide variety of the all important amino acids that are needed to help keep your mood elevated and upbeat. Chicken and Turkey have a high level of tyrosine which can help your body cope with the effects of stress and increase your energy level. A cup and a half of Spinach a day can help if you have a deficiency in folic acid or magnesium which can worsen depression or fatigue. Sweet Potatoes ,which are also great for the immune system, are loaded with vitamins A and C, magnesium and fiber which are all mood and energy enhancers. So, load up on these foods and start feeling better and better everyday.

A Mushroom a day can keep the Cancer away…

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According to  a new study in the International Journal of  Cancer, women who eat mushrooms have 64 percent less  chance to develop  breast cancer! The author of study, Ming Zhang PH.D., explains “Mushrooms contain compounds that may suppress the production of estrogen, a hormone that promotes breast tumor growth”. So ladies let’s start eating our mushrooms!!!

Step Up & Be Heard!!

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Want to help fight the war on Cancer? Make sure Congress hears your voice! Visit  to become an advocate for the American Cancer Society. In order to stop Cancer dead in it’s tracks, it is important to lobby Congress to increase funding for Cancer research. Learn ways to volunteer and lend a hand so that we can help those who are trying to help themselves in the fight of their lives.

Eat Chocolate!

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Here’s another great reason to eat chocolate, the chemicals in dark chocolate may reduce your cancer risk. In an article in the May 09 issue of Parenting magazine, Sally Scroggs,R.D., from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Prevention Center, says that dark chocolate can ward off the cell  changes that can lead to tumors. For great parenting tips visit .

Work Out, Sleep Tight…

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The National Cancer Institute found that active women who got fewer than seven hours a night sleep, had a 47% greater chance of developing cancer than their  equally active peers who got more hours sleep, as printed in the May 09 issue of Shape magazine. The article states that researchers speculate that extra sleep can bolster your immune system.  And exercise is a sure way to lower your Cancer risk..for great workout ideas, pick up a copy of Shape where I find great exercise, nutrition and diet advice.

Food For Thought.

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  1. While battling Cancer it is very important to eat as healthy as possible. I recommend changing your diet as soon as you receive any Cancer diagnoses. The better you eat, the better you will tolerate any treatment that you may receive. Think Green! Eat as many green leafy veggies that you can, the darker the vegetable the better. Dark leafy veggies are rich with vitamins and anti-oxidants that can strengthen your immune system.  It is a good idea to start each day with a green drink smoothy. The famous Dr. Oz, who is often seen on Oprah, talks about a drink that is made up of any dark green leaf veggie ( Kale, Spinach, etc.) ginger,and an apple. You can be creative with your drink as long as you keep it healthy. Stewed tomatoes have also been proven to be a excellent food source when fighting Cancer. Add Salmon to your diet for an great source of protein and snack on almonds and yogurt to keep your energy up. If you start to lose your appetite due to harsh medications and treatments you should drink supplements such as Ensure to maintain your body weight so that you stay strong. I have a family friend who is in a Cancer battle as we speak and so far she is wining, she swears that it is because she is eating right, working out and staying postive!! For more on Cancer fighting nutrition visit and click on links.

Two Years Later…

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It has been two years since my sister Damali lost her battle with Cervical Cancer, a Cancer that has no cure but can be treated if caught early, because of this  fact I urge every woman to make sure that they receive a pap exam at least once a year .  This is your best defense against  Cervical Cancer.  I have learned so much about this type of Cancer since my sister’s passing, when you are going through the roller coaster ride of Cancer treatment with a loved one it is hard to wrap your mind around what you should be doing to ensure the best outcome possible.  Visit my website at  and click on community to learn more about Cervical Cancer and where you can get the help and information you need.